Sharing the Road

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Sharing the Road

When you are driving patience is a good thing to have. Honking your horn is not necessary unless you need to in order to avoid an accident or a collision. You can also use your horn if you are on a small mountain road where you can not see 200 feet ahead of your vehicle. Do not use your horn out of anger or to tell other drivers that they have made a mistake. Some drivers my get startled or scared when they hear another car honking at them, maybe causing a bad accident.

Anytime you are driving on hills or curves you never know what could be on the other side of the hill or curve, so drive slowly and beware for any sudden stops you may need to make. If you cant see cars that might be coming toward you, always assume that there is either a truck or a car coming. Do not ever pass the car ahead of you unless there is at least one-third of a mile clear enough for you to do so.

Headlights are another important part of driving. If the weather conditions become bad enough to use your windshield wipers, such as rain, fog, snow, or cloudy weather, use your low-beam headlights. You may also use your headlights when you can not see other drivers and they can not see you as well. On small country roads during the day if necessary you can use your headlights, and you may use your headlights if the attention of another driver is needed. Emergency signals can also warn other drivers behind you of an accident that you see ahead of you. You may either use the hand signals that signify slow down or stop or using your emergency flashers or tapping on the brake pedal three or four times.

If your car ever breaks down on the road make extra sure that the other drivers on the road can see it. Signal to the cars behind you. Pull off to the side of the road, away from traffic if possible, do not stop just over a hill or right behind a curve. Make sure to park where other drivers can see you. When you stop on the side of the road, put your emergency flashers on...
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