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Topics: Singing, Concert, Performance Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Gates Millennium Scholarship Response Question Number 23-Leadership Experience I love music and children; therefore I found a way to blend the two together by creating a music ministry for the children of my church and those in my community. When I initially came to my current church three years ago, I realized there was no music ministry for the children thus I wanted to start one. I had been singing since the age of 2 and have had several opportunities to sing at events such as my Kindergarten graduation, and many other occasions throughout elementary, middle and high school. Once the minister of music became aware of my vocal abilities, he quickly asked me to sing solos and I did. However, I was the only young person singing at the church and I wanted to change that. So I spoke to some adults and organized the first children’s choir of my church. Two weeks after its inception, the children’s choir performed their first song, “I Am a Promise, I Am a Possibility” to an amazed congregation. This was a song I learned during my childhood. The children’s choir has been growing and it has attracted many new members to the church. The children’s choir, under my leadership, has had many opportunities to minister since then. We have performed at during our regular worship services, at community service Christmas giveaways and at concerts. I have led the choir in performances at a Haiti Earthquake Benefit Concert. I look for opportunities to have the children perform in the community. Consequently, I have arranged concerts at senior citizens complexes and nursing homes. My goal is to teach the children to sing with confidence as they minister to others. I teach them how to use proper diction, proper posture and eye contact. I teach them how to be respectful. I teach them how to apply these skills to other areas of their lives. In the Summer of 2011, I was privileged to work with the children at Vacation Bible School. This included children from my church and members of...
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