Topics: Sharecropping, Slavery, Reconstruction era of the United States Pages: 1 (472 words) Published: October 16, 2014
What is sharecropping and tenant farming and when did these systems develop? At the end of the Civil War, Sharecropping- doing the farming for a portion of the crops and profits. Tenant Famers usually gave rent to the landowner for a house and farm land. What were the advantages and disadvantages of sharecropping? The advantages were that you could get a home and land by working, the cons were that you made little to no profits. What were conditions like for sharecropping families? The houses were not very good, there was not running water, and you stayed poor and in dept most of the time also you had to work long days to provide for your family.. Describe the relationship between landowners and sharecroppers. Awkward and the landowners would sometimes be unfair to the sharecroppers. What similarities and differences existed between sharecropping and slavery? In sharecropping you were free and you could make a few decisions of your own but mostly all of your resources were expended by paying the landowner. Summarize the system of tenant farming and share cropping. Why did these systems develop? These two systems were similar to renting, you basically worked all day to be able to have land and a house provide by the landowner. Poor people and homeless newly freed slaves needed homes and land so they worked out a plan with the landowners. Why did many freed slaves become sharecroppers? What do you think would be at risk for a freed slave to become a sharecropper on his former master’s plantation? They were slaves not long ago so they had nothing but the clothes on their back so they needed land and a home. The master would still be used to treating the slave badly and it would be very awkward. If you had to choose between being a tenant farmer or a sharecropper, which would you choose and why? A tenant farmer, it was similar to renting so you could keep all of the crops that you wanted and you pay the owner money for rent. How would you...
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