Shape of a Girl

Topics: Emotion, Abuse, Bullying Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: December 1, 2005
Hierarchy of Monstrous Behaviour
Adrienne represents "a monster in the shape of a girl," (MacLeod, P.40) by physically demonstrating a selfish, emotionless and unexplainable hate towards Sophie. Adrienne leads her friend Braidie, who contributes on a more subtle level to this motif of monstrous behaviour. Adrienne shows her sinister leadership by constantly instigating a form of abuse towards Sophie. "Adrienne leans into Sofie so that Sofie is squished," (P.42) causing apparent physical harm. Mentally, Adrienne's inhuman natural instinct is to be as cruel as possible to Sophie. Adrienne replacing her identity by a two letter word that is used to represent a thing; "what is IT doing? ," (P.45) showing extreme humiliation in the form of verbal abuse. Sophie the vulnerable target she is, allows Adrienne to prey upon her like some sort of emotionless monster. Braidie is different, she shows her emotions by expressing feeling in her thoughts. Braidie best represented by "a girl in the shape of a monster," (P.40) is continuously a witness to the bashing of this innocent, yet somehow different girl. She is present in the harmful activity and finds herself thinking "Maybe she also likes trying to write poems and stories," (P.45) showing human qualities of emotion towards Sophie. Adrienne doesn't show any sympathy towards Sophie, which highlights the concern Braidie feels. Braidie realizing, "Sophie and I might have one thing in common" (P.45) keeps it to herself, in fear of jeopardizing this relationship with her so called best friend. Braidie, knowing "Adrienne is going to do something," (P.45) continues imagining horrible consequences: "Sofie is falling, cannonballing over the side of the bridge" (P.42). Adrienne enjoys inflicting torment, truly: "a monster in the shape of a girl (P.40)." A posed to Braidie who shows her monster side, in the form of a silent and powerless bystander.

MacLeod, Joan. The Shape of a Girl. Vancouver:Talonbooks, 2002 40-45.
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