Shaolin Temple

Topics: Chinese martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu, Bodhidharma Pages: 3 (1555 words) Published: October 30, 2014

International Undergraduate Program (IUP)
Individual Paper: Shaolin Temple
PROFESOR: William J. TinneySTUDENT: Alua Kairatkyzy IUP2012023 Introduction:
Shaolin Temple - a Buddhist monastery, located in China's Henan Province on Mount Songshan. Where was born the legendary martial art of wushu (kungfu). Translation from the Chinese: Shaolin means "little forest" that characterizes a monastery, which located in the landscape. Today, under the influence of popular culture, mainly cinema: people know Shaolin Temple only as a place of training wushu masters. But actually the fact is that first of all monastery focus of Buddhists religious life. And martial art - it's just one of the practices used by the monks in their spiritual path. Along with martial arts monks dedicated their time to the study of civil sciences, medicine and Buddhism itself. And most of the monks specialize in only one of these areas. History of Shaolin Temple:

Shaolin Temple was officially founded on March 31 of the year 495 on the hillside Shao-shi. Founder was an Indian ascetic monk named Bato. In the entire history of China's temple was about 10 named Shaolin. But only Songshan Shaolin North Temple was saved till nowadays. As well known Shaolin Temple was founded in pretty hard times "Three Kingdoms". We can say China was torn into 3 parts constantly leading the war for power among them. The country was in the grips, and robbers often attacked the monastery, and even orders one of the warring parties. In order to ensure the safety of the monastery they invited two martial arts masters Heng Gaychzhan and Gun Suvey. They taught the monks the basics of military affairs and combat tactics, and turned the temple into a fortified castle. The monks showed fair tenacity and perseverance in learning, which allowed reflect subsequent robbery at the temple. Shaolin Temple came under close attention...

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