Shaoguo No. 2 Analysis

Pages: 9 (2026 words) Published: January 26, 2018

Crocodile bird No.2 carefully spreads its eight paws, firmly adhering to the smooth walls of large machines. The extraordinary large machine stretches beneath it and over it. The entire large machine is housed in a giant cave, turning a bend in the distance from the sky, the cliff-like white walls encircling a magnificent Arc theater. The caves are surrounded by thick moist red clay. Shaoguo No.2 was strictly ordered not to go to those lands, to it, it is the place where the block died. There are no hard and clean things that can be used sucker, a blink of an eye, will disappeared in the depths of the cave, that devoured all the dark unpredictable abyss. It turns a fine balancer in the body closer to a spot of dirt on a white cliff. A multi-alloy...

But the big machine did not collapse, this huge white castle apparently recruited some kind of introverted. On the 2nd climbed out of the hideout, staggered to the cave exit, climbed toward the sun, it wondered what happened. On the way, it saw an alligator again. This was alligator number four, and it was injured in the earlier shock. The trauma caused it to lose part of its mobility and could only turn crookedly. "Hello!" No. 2 greeted it. The language device is a bit sluggish, but it works. "Do you know what happened?" No. 4 waved antennae, pointing to the front and said: "I do not know what happened, but I can feel the damage happening in front." The second thank-you, start to crawl to the cave alone. It would be very sad to leave the 4th, which cannot help but can only do so. Its own paws also weared so badly that they could only limp forward and make annoying shaving noise. In the light from the hole, it saw a frantic robot that was deeply lost in...

It took the number two to a cliff near the bottom of a cliff, with a narrow hole in the smooth, hard white material, and the tunnel walls were very rough. No. 2 has discovered that the area is far less polished than the one it is working on. It seems that No. 1 spent a lot of time puncturing this hole and it has become exhausted by the lack of food. In the overcrowded tunnel, No. 1 switched on the power of the spotlight. The lights dropped the bizarre darkness around the cave walls, reflecting strange fluorescence on the walls. They go down together, beyond the bottom of the cliff, and then further down. No. 2 stopped, this is an incredible sight ah. At the bottom of the cave, warm red substances are slowly rising and falling slowly with the pace of life; some huge dark red bubbles risked, snapped open ... ... No. 2 closely staring at a , Put down its multi-alloy drill bit, but slowly but steadfastly stretched to the pink motions ... ... a roar of deep shaking the tunnel, a whistle of thousand echoed in the cliff, the cave shaking violently Up, hum in the tunnel circled, refused to retreat, crocodile fork on the second of its eight legs firmly stood, life! All the crocodiles are working for an organic life. This is a real and tenacious mind; is it the essence of life lies here? For an instant, it does not know whether it is excited or lost, indifferent or sad ... [Supplementary Note]: This is not a science fiction, my teeth are still hurting...
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