Shannon Weaver Model

Topics: Communication, Google, Input device Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: October 23, 2011
The purpose of The Shannon weaver model is to identify the elements of communications that are important in every communication process and clarify there roles. These elements are :
The information source:
The first element is the source , it is the sender who have an idea or purpose for involving in the communication process. The transmitter:
Each idea needs to be translated and then sent throw a signal that carries the message to deliver it to the destination. The signal:
The signal carries the encoded message to the other person at the end of the line (destination). The message:
The message is the most important element because without the message there is no use from the whole communication process. Noise source:
The noise is divided into two parts physical noise and semantic noise . The physical noise such as the loud sounds or objects that comes in the way of delivering the message or receiving it. The semantic noise it is more like an untouchable barriers such as distraction and attitude. The Decoder:

Just as the source needs an encoder to translate the message so the receiver needs a decoder to retranslate the message so it could be understood. The receiver:
The person or the goupe at the end of the line who will receive the message.I will apply Shannon-weaver model on Dessange Bahrain face book page which is my chosen case study; it is a salon, spa and health club only for ladies. The information source is the owner of Dessange Bahrain and their goal is to advertise for the spa online so it can target more consumers. The transmitter is the computer, using the keyboard, screen and other input devices to translate the message to be ready for sending it throw signals.HTML is also considered as a transmitter. The signal is the face book page, the facebook page were designed to introduce the people to Dessange Bahrain and give them more details about the timing, opening hours and the schedule. The Internet connection is also a signal, both...
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