Shanna's Shell's Top Recruiter

Topics: Human resource management, Marketing, Human resources Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Shell’s Top Recruiter Takes His Cues from Marketing
Shanna Scotland
Human Resource Management – MAN 3310
Professor Grace G. Downey – Broward College

Case Background:
Royal Dutch Shell is a global oil and gas company which faced an extraordinary challenge in 2003 when Navjor Singh joined as the Global Marketing Manager. Navjor Singh was previously employed by DaimlerChrysler as the marketing director, which he initially started as VP of customer service relationship management, but based on his skill sets and experience he was the most qualified for Shell’s company situation. Shell’s engineer’s retirement rate increased therefore the number of new recruits doubled to as much as 8,000 in 2008. Singh insisted a new image was needed for the company and this should be implemented through Marketing by the HR department, ensuring the best people were being recruited. Singh believed there was a powerful synergy between HR and Marketing. Shell’s promoted cultural diversity and always had a global recruiting approach which included recruits from 90 different nationalities. Singh implemented marketing techniques to the recruitment process which resulted in the company becoming the top employer. The company will continue running the recruitment program and will maintain consistency in “ensuring it has the right human resources to deliver on its promises and achieve worldwide success”. 1. What functions of HRM are similar to marketing functions? How can thinking about “marketing” a company’s jobs improve the strategic focus of human resources personnel? Functions of HRM which are similar to marketing functions are recruitment and communication. Like marketing HR department has to apply for skilled people to work rather than just looking for candidates to fill a position. Marketers advertise to become a market leader; HR has to create an employer brand. Thinking about “marketing” a company’s jobs can improve the strategic focus of human resources personnel...

References: Bohlander, George, and Snell, Scott. (2012). Managing Human Resources. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning
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