Shanghai Sydney

Topics: Shanghai, Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: September 2, 2010
Compare and Contrast

Shanghai and Sydney


NAME: Aaron Shi

CLASS: EFS Lower 10

TEACHERS: Juliana, Lance, Carol, Jill

DATE: Thursday Week4 9/April/2009

Shanghai is a city full of many different cultures, landscapes and history. As we compare both Shanghai and Sydney I will compare and contrast the similarities and the differences of each city such as: The area and population, transport systems, shopping as well as entertainment and leisure and public buildings.

Area and population

The first major between Shanghai and Sydney is in their area and population. Both cities are on the coast, and Shanghai is around 6340.5 square kilometres, whereas Sydney is around 12145 square kilometres. Also, the population of Shanghai is estimated to be about 16.74 million, with a floating population of about 4 million. However, Sydney has around 4.4 million residents highlighting the difference between Shanghai and Sydney’s population densities.

Transport systems

No matter what the city, the transport systems are very important. Both cities have extensive public transport systems, largely based on buses, ferries, taxis and railways. In Shanghai, all of these public transport systems can be accessed using the Shanghai Public Transportation Card, whereas Sydney, all of these public transport systems need different tickets. In Sydney, at the same time, many families use theirs own private cars. This also formed part of the transport systems. On the other hand, Shanghai has a commercial maglev line, the first and only one in the world, so fewer cars are used.


Shopping is another important part of daily life in both Sydney and Shanghai, in both cities shopping is fun and exciting, and an obvious difference however is the variety found in many commercial streets in...
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