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Topics: Tigris, Mesopotamia, Euphrates Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: January 16, 2015
In terms of influence, no two civilizations are more prominent than that of the Mesopotamians and the Shang Dynasty. Two great empires, which grew and flourished in the clever hands of the people who lived there, who used the geography of their land to their advantage and became strong enough to govern and conquer masses. To this day, their legacies leave their mark on the culture, the traditions, and the lives of modern people. The Mesopotamians had a unique and prominent culture, as did the Shang, but be that as it may, they still had much in common as well. The Mesopotamians are one of the first known civilizations to archeologists today. Dating back to 3500 B. C. E. Their society was built in between the Tigris and Euphrates River in the Middle East. In Mesopotamia, the more land you had, the more power you had. The overarching role of leadership took the form of a lugal. The lugal had control over all the irrigation systems in the city, thus gaining, essentially, control over the entirety of Mesopotamia. While the lugal officially had the reign over the entire city, religious officials had nearly the same political and social ranking as the lugals. Architecture such as temples were built under the regulation of religious officials. Artworks such as pottery were something of a development over time, as they were originally used for utilitarian purposes, but when artisans found that if they made their designs more physically appealing, they’d sell better and thus earn them higher places on the social ranking. They invented one of the first known writing forms, called Cuneiform, theorized to keep track of transactions and used by government officials and high class individuals over time. The Shang Dynasty, created around 1750 B. C. E., had a much different culture. Their society was built around the Yellow River. Their traditions and customs were heavily influenced by their belief in the afterlife. In the beginning, their society was governed by a group of...
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