Shang Dynasty

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Shang Dynasty, Muaryan Empire, Ottoman Empire
Shang Dynasty, Muaryan Empire, Ottoman Empire
The Shang dynasty was, according to traditional sources, the second Chinese dynasty after the Xia. They ruled in the Yellow River Valley. Widely accepted chronological calculations say that the Shang ruled between 1766 BC and 1122 BC( According to Chinese tradition, a rebel king, Tang, who overthrew the last Xia ruler in the Battle of Mingtiao, founded the Shang dynasty. The Shang had a fully developed system of writing, as attested on bronze inscriptions, oracle bones, and a small number of other writings on pottery, jade and other stones, and horn. Their writing system's complexity and sophistication indicates an earlier period of development, but direct evidence of this is still lacking. Chinese bronze casting and pottery also advanced during the Shang dynasty, with bronze commonly being used for art rather than weaponry. A line of hereditary Shang kings ruled over much of northern China, and Shang troops fought frequent wars with neighboring nomadic herdsmen from the inner Asian steppes. The Shang Kings, in their oracular divinations, repeatedly express anxieties about the fang groups, the barbarians living outside of the civilized regions which made up the center of Shang territory. As far back as c. 1500 BC, the early Shang dynasty engaged in large-scale production of bronze-ware vessels and weapons. This production required a large labor force that could handle the mining, refining, and transportation of the necessary copper, tin and lead ores. This in turn created a need for officials to oversee both laborers and skilled artisans. The Shang royal court and aristocracy required vast amounts of different bronze vessels for various ceremonial purposes - ceremonial rules even decreed how many bronze containers of each type a nobleman or noblewoman of a certain rank could own. With the increased amount of bronze available, the army could...

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