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Quoyle / Shane – Complex Character
A complex character can consists of many things. Sometimes a complex character can’t always be identified without looking into the deeper meaning and real concept of the person. Quoyle and Shane aren’t full blown complex characters. They are a somewhat shallow but still a complex in their character. Being complex consists of having different sides to a personality, more than one definition of the person, in a way you can’t really predict what they are going to do next. Shane and Quoyle are shaped into complex characters because of people’s perception of them led them into the complex characters they are. Others perception had a lot to do with Quoyle and Shane’s complex self .

Quoyle is in a way a complex character. He is shaped into a complex character by multiple things. Quoyle keeps to himself. "He camouflaged torement with smiles and silence." He didn't show emotion and this led him to be lonley. Quoyle being unclear aboutanything including life alo shaped his complex self. "Nothing was clear to lonesome Quoyle."Quoyle didnt expect anyone or anything to treat him well because of his past. This is how and why Quoyle is a complex character.

Shane is also a very complex character himself. He's alot more complex than Quoyle. Shane doesn't fit in with other. " before I realized fta kids are not supposed to climb trees." He realzied that he was overweight and couldn't do what other kids do. He's also a very depressed boy as a kid. " whenever I am sad my grandmother gives me karate chops." He is depressed so to sooth his depression he eats. Shane also devolps a frienship. "We both moved...we...we'd." "We weren't the only kids who grew up this way." Because they were both bullied the became friends , they were not alone ! Clearly Shane is alot more complex .

Quoyle and Shane became quite diffrent in some good and bad ways in the present day. Quoyle as we seen in the trailer isn't a fat , weird person....
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