Shame to Fame-Teenage Pregnancy

Topics: Mother, Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: July 10, 2013
Pebbles Franks Handelman
English 1101
24 June 2013
Shame to Fame: Teenage Pregnancy
The Pregnancy Trap by Gerry Garibaldi creates the idea that society has become more accepting of teenage pregnancy (634-38). When Garibaldi learns all of his favorite girls are pregnant, he asks some of them, “Do you think getting pregnant when you’re a teenager is a good thing or a bad thing?” (635). One student, Nicole proudly states, “My mom and my grandma both got pregnant when they were teens and they’re good mothers” another student and mother, Maria says, “Nobody gets married anymore, mister” (636). None of the girls has a problem with being or becoming pregnant or unwed mothers. They become a “heroic figure” after getting pregnant as the fathers take on a “he-man” role for having impregnated the girls. Peers of the young males view them as an adult after they have impregnated a girl. They have no intention to marry the young mother or help raise the child. Most of the teenage fathers loose contact with the teenage mothers shortly after the child is born. The girls carry the attitude of being fine with not having help from the father. Garibaldi gives relative stories of the difficulties he experiences as a teacher in an urban school in Connecticut. As a male teacher he must, “broker remarks” and “negotiate insults” due to “their anger toward male authority” (636). He finds times he has to keep his fatherly feelings at bay, having to put his authority as their teacher first. In his theory, “This provision of services is humane and defensible, an essential safety net for the most vulnerable-children who have children.” There are many different types of aide these young mothers could qualify for, which he states as going from a “safety net” to “becoming a hammock” (635-36). Garibaldi states “Thanks to the Feds, urban schools are swimming in...
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