Shame and Guilt: Is There a Difference?

Topics: Shame, Driving under the influence, Guilt Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: September 6, 2010
As soon as the judge ruled and sentenced an adult woman to four years and 394 day of jail, many people outside the court were outraged. The adult lady killed a construction worker, while on her way to a party. The thing is she was driving drunk, and due to her drunkenness, she didn’t notice the “construction ahead” signs. As a result, she ran over a construction worker, who after being severely injured, didn’t survive. So you might be thinking that justice was made and that’s the end of it. Well no. for those people outside the court, justice wasn’t made. Why? Because that woman who killed that worker can buy herself out of jail and out of her responsibility. If she had been given five years, then she would have to serve her sentence in jail, but since she was only sentenced to 4 years and 395 days then she can go on with her life as though nothing happened. And you know what her fee is? 1500 dollars. The man’s family and neighbors are mad and so am I. I think that she should definitely be more years in jail. That she shouldn’t be able to buy herself out. What happens to his family? What happens to his parents, to his wife, but mostly to his children? According to author June Tangney, in her essay “Condemn the Crime, Not the Person,” we should make people like this woman feel guilty but not shameful about what she has done. As far as I am concerned, that woman should feel both guilty and ashamed of what she did. That because of her irresponsibility of driving drink she left children without their father, and parents without their son. As the number of crimes increase, punishment for those that are caught should also increase. In the essay “Shame Is Worth a try,” author Dan M. Kahan explains a few examples of how shame as a punishment is worth to try. He explains how people that are found drinking and driving in Florida or Texas can get ordered to place bumper stickers in their car stating their previous DUI. Why couldn’t something similar be done with this case?...
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