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3.0 Introduction of website
Amplifier Fashion Lounge is a fashion website to display our fashion products to customers. Our website consists of few tabs such as home, men, women, bags & wallets, about us and contacts us. i. Home tab

Our home tab consists of a large image at the center of the website describing the name of our business (Amplifier Fashion Lounge) and our vision ('Your Voice, Our Choice'). Besides, there is a unique logo of our business in purple color at the center of the image and seven fashion design photos. The whole image describes the purpose of our website and business. ii. Men tab

Our men tab consists of pictures of formal and informal clothes for men. On top of that, we have designed five different types of formal clothes for men in which it can be used for five working days in a week.

iii. Women tab
Women tab also displays pictures of formal and informal clothes for women. The clothes displayed are not our only products since it is just our latest fashion designs.

iv. Bags & wallets tab
This tab displays all kind of stylish n pretty bags for outing wear or even school wears. Besides that, this tab also shows images of wallets and purse for both men and women use.

v. Calendar tab
Under the calendar tab, visitor can see a planner of every month displayed to show events of the month. For example, this planner is used to update our latest fashion design products released and special promotion and offers of the month. The planner is shown below :

vi. About us tab
This tab tells a brief history and purpose of our business.

vii. Contact us tab
Mediums to contact us and our location are displayed under this tab for the ease of our customers.
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