Shallow Act of Feminism Leads Women Into Dangers

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Rape Pages: 3 (1240 words) Published: May 8, 2007
Shallow Act of Feminism Leads Women into Dangers
"Feminism is a diverse, competing, and often opposing collection of social theories, political movements, and moral philosophies, largely motivated by or concerning the experiences of women. Feminists differ over the sources of inequality, how to attain equality, and the extent to which gender and sexual identities should be questioned and critiqued." Besides the controversy idea from the opposite gender about feminism there is also some disagreement between women in their opinion about feminism. Camille Paglia, the author of "Rape: A Bigger Danger Than Feminists Know" shows us how feminism can lead us to a consequence that gives women disadvantages in the society. She tells women not to follow shallow minded feminists who permeate their superficial and ignorant theory of equality to every woman's mind, especially the young ones. The author invites us to think rationally about the idea of a perfect world, without falling into feminism's pie-in-the-sky fantasies that keep young women from seeing life as it is. There is something women cannot change. Rape is one of the disadvantages, which all the narrow-minded feminists experience due to their irrational belief. From my point of view, women should not follow the shallow act of feminism as it arises misperception about the equality of gender, it misleads women and put them in immense dangers and it is not practically suitable for all women. Women have always been treated unfairly, harassed and sometimes an object of violence. This condition causes the act of feminism to arise and create a better place for women to live happily. Feminists say that women and men are equal, that women are capable to do everything men can do. But the truth is not like what they think. "Women will never be able to experience a world of solitary adventure…" As a woman, I agree that there are many things that women cannot do. I also agree that women are not as strong as men, and that...
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