Shakespeare's Macbeth: The Murder Of Duncan
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Duncan the king of Scotland was murdered in his castle at midnight on 12th November 1556. Although it is unclear who murdered the king, there are some leads pointing towards the King's guards. Both of the King’s guards were also dead; with the blood of Duncan on their hands and with the dagger used to kill him.

Macduff, being the first one to react to the tragic event said in horror that "murder hath broke ope the lord's antinone and stole thence the life of building". Soon after, there was chaos in the castle and the alarm bell was rung. Macbeth was very disturbed with the recent events and expressed his distress and great loss by saying that "the wine of life is drawn and the mere lees is left this vault to brag of". He also went to the extent of showing his love and affection towards the king by adding that "Had I but died an hour before this chance". On the other hand Malcolm and Donalbain the King's sons did not have much to say and remained silent.
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General Banquo showed his determination to finding the killer by saying "against the undivulged pretence I fight of treasonous malice". The night of King Duncan’s murder was very chaotic. The people of Scotland were shocked to hear that their king was murdered. People said they heard grieving ghostly King Duncan of Scotland

cries. Some people said that they could hear Screeching of owl. Malcom and Donalbain are considered our main suspects of King Duncan’s murder as they both have escaped from the castle and fled the country. Since Malcom and Donalbain were not able to claim the throne, Macbeth was the next in line to become king. Coronation of Macbeth is going to take place

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