Shakespeare Webquest

Topics: Marriage, William Shakespeare, Wedding, Actor, Romeo and Juliet / Pages: 3 (570 words) / Published: Jul 5th, 2012
1. What year was William Shakespeare born? * 1564
2. What date do we recognize as his birthday? * April 23rd
3. What was important about Stratford-upon-Avon in the 16th century? * Stratford-upon-Avon was an important agricultural center and market town.
4. Click on the link for “1594” and find the acting companies Shakespeare was associated with in the early days. Name three. * The Queen’s Men * Pembroke’s Men * Lord Strange’s Men
5. Click on “1599, the Great Globe.” What is the probable year that Romeo & Juliet was written? * 1595
6. Scroll down to the section “Construction of the Globe.” Answer the following questions. A. Where did the timbers to build the Globe come from? * The Theater B. Who was the carpenter who built the Globe? * Peter Smith C. What was Shakespeare’s share as “householder?” * One-fifth of fifty percent of the profits, or 10% of the total profits

7. What day and year did Shakespeare die? Why is this an interesting date? How old was
Shakespeare when he died? * Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 which was the same day as his birthday. He was 52 years old when he died.
About Marriage
8. Click on the link “Betrothal & Wedding.” Name three marriage and betrothal customs found on this page. * consent * exchange of tokens (such as the rings) * consummation
9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link labeled “More Wedding Customs.”
Answer the following questions. A. What color should the bride’s dress be? * Not white B. How is the intention to marry announced? What happens if it is not announced previous to the event? * The intention to marry must be announced in the church three times. Any marriage not published before-hand is considered illegal.

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