Shakespeare Movie vs Play

Topics: Othello, Iago, Chess piece Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: November 24, 2010
Shakespeare's Othello: Movie (Oliver parker 1995) Vs. Play

Oliver parker's Othello came out in 1995 with Laurence Fishburne as Othello this is also the first time Othello was played by a coloured actor, Kenneth Branagh as Iago and Irene Jacob as Desdemona. Parker kept the original plot and language intact, however the movie seemed to give Othello life through visual and audio aids. Parker's Othello enables the viewer to associate on a personal level and compliments to the anticipation and imagination of those who have read the play before watching the movie.

The audio although normally overpowered by the visual aspect played a key role in defining and empowering the movie. The music was fast and uplifting during celebration and on the eve of Othello's victory against the turks however the music changed to slow and haunting during Iago's monologues, Othello's lascivious and crazed thought of Cassio and Desdemona and scenes involving death. Audio plays key role in foreshadowing and indication, whenever Iago speaks of his plans the music starts of in piano or mezzo piano and slowly crescendos as is heard when Iago repeats "i hate the moor," the music becomes increasingly passionate and strong. Iago's pronunciation and stress of each his words during his soliloquies were indicators of coming events. Iago's words were soft and soothing when he was "pouring pestilence" and they became loud and strong when a key scene would be approaching. Iago's soft speech was a way of showing his sincerity to Othello but also as a way of safe guarding his real intentions, this is can be seen when Iago first reveals to Othello that Desdemona is being unfaithful.

The most captivating usage of music in the movie was the song Desdemona sings in the bath to Emilia "Willow, Willow," on the night of her death. The song foreshadows the death of the person of sings it. It predicted the death of Desdemona's mother's maid and it does the same for her and Emilia.

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