”Shakespeare in Love” a Film by John Madden

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: March 25, 2012
”Shakespeare in Love” a film by John Madden

Write down 20 words that will help you remembering the plot of the film. Theatre, Queen Elizabeth, actors, audition, Thomas Kent, Viola, complicated/forbidden love, Wessex is going to marry Viola, Christopher Marlowe gets killed, “Romeo and Juliet” * Describe William Shakespeare as a character in the film William’s character in the film a lot like Romeo’s. William is also charming, handsome and in love with a woman he’s not allowed to be with. * Why can’t William and Viola have each other?

William is poor. He’s an actor and play writer. He’s a man who is struggling to get great money out of his work. Viola is the exact opposite. She and her family are rich and live in a big house. She even has her own nurse that takes care of her like she was her own daughter. That’s properly one of the reasons why they can’t be together; they live so different lifes, but also because William is already married and Viola promised to marry the dour Lord Wessex. I think it’s mostly, because she has to marry the dour Lord Wessex. * What does “Break a leg” mean?

When you work at a theater, you usually use the expression “Break a leg”, when you’re about to make a performances because it means good look. * What impression did you get of the time when the story takes place? The way people dress, behave and talk.

* How does the meeting with Viola De Lesseps change Will? A short time before William even meets Viola. He thought that, he had lost his gift. The moment he meets her, his beautiful words with just flew out his mouth like he was born too write wonderful poems. * When does Will realize that Thomas Kent is Viola?

Viola is sitting on the boat as Thomas Kent and William is sitting there too and while the two of them is having passionate conversation about the love for one and other (William thinks he is speaking to the actor Thomas Kent). Viola can’t hold the secret from him anymore, because she knows that she...
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