Shakespeare In Love

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Shakespeare in Love vs. The Real Deal

John Madden’s Shakespeare in Love (1998) shows what could have happened to inspire William Shakespeare to write one of his most famous plays, Romeo & Juliet. Shakespeare in Love shows many similarities to the play Romeo & Juliet. Actors and actresses that play the main characters in this film are Joseph Fiennes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Geoffrey Rush. In the film they show many reenactments of how William Shakespeare may have first performed and wrote Romeo and Juliet.

William Shakespeare, who is played by Joseph Fiennes in Shakespeare in Love, is portrayed to be some-what like Shakespeare’s character, Romeo Montague, in Romeo & Juliet. William and Romeo both fall in love with a girl named Rosaline, but do not end up with her. Again, both Romeo and William fall in love with someone who is being forced to marry someone else, and someone they cannot have. The actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, plays Viola De Lesseps in the film, she relates to how Juliet Capulet is portrayed in Romeo & Juliet. Viola and Juliet both are in love with someone they cannot have and are forced to marry a man they do not want to marry. William Shakespeare and Viola De Lesseps are basically the Romeo and Juliet of the film.

Lord Wessex, played by Collin Firth, relates to Paris in Romeo & Juliet. Lord Wessex is a very wealthy man who is interested in marrying Viola De Lesseps, like Paris was interested in marrying Juliet Capulet. Since both Lord Wessex and Paris are very wealthy, Juliet Capulet is forced to marry Paris and Viola De Lesseps is forced to marry Lord Wessex. In the film and the play, Romeo Montague and William Shakespeare both fall in love with Juliet Capulet and Viola De Lesseps at first sight. Both characters try so hard to get the woman they want, but are cut off by the more wealthy guys.

In the play, Romeo Montague’s best friend, Mercutio, gets killed in a fight. In the film, one of William Shakespeare’s closest friends gets killed in...
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