Shakespeare in Love

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: April 2, 2013
In regards to the parental comment about Romeo and Juliet, I both agree and disagree. When I say agree, what I really mean is that I understand where the parent is coming from and why they think that younger people shouldn’t watch this movie. I understand that the values in the movie are very naïve and somewhat inappropriate. The movie depicts teenagers disobeying their parents, so I can clearly see why a parent would not want their child to take away from the movie that it is okay to disobey their parents. The film also depicts suicide as a means of escape for lovers. Any parent would not want their child to think that suicide is a way out. I personally think that suicide is the single dumbest thing someone can do. Killing yourself can never make anything better because you will be no more. I would never want my child to think that suicide is okay because it is not. The person might think they are getting the ultimate escape, but really they are just hurting those that love and care for them. I completely understand that a parent would not want these ideas bestowed upon their kids. However, this is a love story from a long time ago. It is the classic love story written by a master. If a parent doesn’t want their children to get these ideas, they need to explain to them that this is a piece of art in writing. Just because someone in a play or movie does something, does not mean that you have to do it as well. I don’t agree that younger people shouldn’t see a story where teenage love is the ultimate love, because it can be. A film is not going to make a teenager believe that teenage love is ultimate unless that person really feels that way. Teenage love can be ultimate, there are many cases of people meeting their high school sweetheart and falling in love forever. It is all dependent on the people in love, not the fact that they saw a movie where teenagers fell in love. I do agree, however, that if a parent were to show this movie to a child,...
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