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William Shakespeare

Instructions: You will explore information and complete assignments based on Shakespeare’s life and work. You have six activities to complete. To begin, open a new Word Document and ‘Save As’ the filename: Your Name. Shakespeare (for example: Bruno Mars. Shakespeare, or Nicky Minaj. Shakespeare). Complete your MLA headings (Your Name, Teacher’s Name, English 9N/S/M, Date) and don’t forget to add the header with your last name and the page number. Your Title will be “William Shakespeare”. As mentioned, you have six activities, and therefore have six subheadings. You will find these subheadings in purple below. Your subheadings should match those below—but they don’t have to be purple. You must complete each activity in complete sentences and your own words! After completing your assignments, you may want to double check you did everything necessary using this checklist:
 Shakespeare Biography Paragraph

Shakespeare Biography Quiz
Shakespeare’s Work and Writing Questions
The Elizabethan Theatre
Elizabethan Language Paragraph
Shakespearean Insults
MLA Format
Document saved as “Your Name. Shakespeare”

Subheading/Activity #1

All About Shakespeare: 
Short Bio  |  FAQ  |  Timeline

Instructions: Press Ctrl and click on the blue text above. Read all about Shakespeare. Write a paragraph (about 150-200 words) about the Bard that includes the answers to the following questions. It might be easiest to collect the answers and then organize your paragraph after having them. The answers to these questions must not be order, but your paragraph should be organized and use transitions (also, then, therefore, afterward, in addition, finally, etc).  

What day do we consider to be Shakespeare's day of birth and how do we know it? What school and what university did Shakespeare attend?
Who did Shakespeare marry, and how many children did he have? What tragic family event occurred around the same time as his writing of Romeo &...
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