Shakalaka Boom Boom

Topics: Twitter, Social network service, Facebook Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Social networking sites have their own advantages and disadavtanges.People use it to remain in touch with friends long after their school and colleges are over.It's a very powerful medium to spread awareness and it helps to put a collective view on any particular issue.Social networking sites like twitter enables a user to know their favorite celebrities at a more personal level and know their views directly.Now government agencies are also using these mediums to remain in touch with general citizenry and to have a hand on the pulse of the nation 24*7.

But the cons of these social networking sites are more devastating.A study has revealed that excessive use of social networking sites like Facebook and twitter is causing depression and frustration in youths.People to people contact in actual physical appearance has reduced and now people prefer to contact each other on social networking sites.Human socialization is fading.There is a constant threat of cyber snooping in people's personal life.As these mediums have the ability to spread a message at a rocket speed to a very vast audience,some notorious and fundamentalist groups are using it to spread hatred among different communities.for example the recent unfortunate event of mass exodus of north east people from some southern Indian cities to their respective homes in northeast was triggered by threats spread through social media.

There is a need of constructive restriction on the content and the mode of use of these social networking sites.Its better for these networks to have a self regulating mechanism than to have a government censorship.People should also respect others life and their personal views.Then only these social networking sites will actually be "social" in their true meanings.
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