Topics: Disability, Disability rights movement, Self-advocacy Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Shai Mesika Period 1 Class Notes
October 4, 2012
What is a disability?
- Anything that limits your day to day activities
- Something that causes you to be physically and emotionally separated from a community - Something that interferes with the way people see you or the way you see people - Something that you can consider a disability, the words that people use for themselves are correct Read the article by Deborah Kaplan carefully until “Reference 6” and then answer these questions with a partner. KAPLAN QUESTIONS

1. What are the four models Kaplan describes? Explain each one in your own words. -Moral Model: is the way the person with disabilities is being treated. The person who has the disability is left at home, doesn’t go to school and is not presented to society. He is usually excluded from the community and does not get attention from family or friends he could potentially have -Medical Model: people who are sick; meaning they are physically unable to do day to day activities. A person under Medical Model is excused from going to school, getting a job or having responsibilities; not because society says they can’t but because the person with disabilities can not physically participate in daily events and activities -Rehabilitation Model: similar to Medical Model, but this particular model needs to have some sort of service like a therapist, trainer or a counselor. By having a service, it makes the person’s life who has disabilities much easier and teaches them how to do daily activities. Medicine can’t help -Disability Model: this model gets to overcome the disability and be a normal citizen. Instead of having special treatments and services, the person is able to take on the world like everyone else. Being under this model is like being a normal person in the community. Regards the disability as the normal...
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