Shahjalal Islami Bank

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1. Rational of the Report
Bank is the heart of the economics and banking is the blood circulation of country's economic growth. Banks perform a significant role to serve the needs of the society in different sectors such as capital formation, large scale of production, industrialization, growth of trade and commerce etc. and banks are contributing a lot of aspect. SJIBL Bank has already emerged as one of the recognized banks. This report covers Customer relationship management (CRM) Activity. Customer relationship management activity is very much important for any type of organization like Bank. Customer relationship management is a business term which is a measure of how a customer communicates with services; Depending on the best customer service activity, organization can bring the success and can retain the customer for a long period of time. Customer relationship management is very important for Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd to operate its all activity because if customer is satisfied by service from Shahjalal Islami Bank by the communications with management. It will get more deposit and more profit from other customer and other bank. It also helps to build up my career. As a marketing student it’s the time to use theoretical knowledge practically. As a service provider Shahjalal Islami Bank had follow the 7ps of service Marketing. People: They all must be appropriately well trained, well motivated and have the right attitude. Contact with customer is properly well trained and right kind of people for the job. Employees selected who meet with the organization Objectives. Employee’s performance observed by the top management of Shahjalal Islami bank. Process: Giving the service and behavior those who deliver are crucial factor to customer satisfaction. Waiting line for Cash receive, Information given to customer and helpful for the keep customer happy. Shahjalal Islami Bank is well recognized bank for customer service. They provide the service within short time and provide helpful information among customers. Employees interact mannerly with customer. All of the employees designed for the company’s benefit not the customer. Company look at the social, political, economic, cultural and technological trends which are shaping with market, they can change or influence it. Physical Evidence: Shahjalal Islami Bank is tidy, clean and well decorated. They give full effort for the physical decoration and good impression about the company. We think looks is more important than the cooperation. 1.2 Background of Shahjalal Islami Bank

Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited (SJIBL) commenced its commercial operation in accordance with principle of Islamic Shariah on the 10th May 2001 under the Bank Companies Act, 1991. During last eight years SJIBL has diversified its service coverage by opening new branches at different strategically important locations across the country offering various service products both investment & deposit. Islamic Banking, in essence, is not only INTEREST-FREE banking business, it carries deal wise business product thereby generating real income and thus boosting GDP of the economy. Board of Directors enjoys high credential in the business arena of the country, Management Team is strong and supportive equipped with excellent professional knowledge under leadership of a veteran Banker Mr. Muhammad Ali. Legal Form a public limited company incorporated in Bangladesh on 1st April 2001 under the companies Act 1994 and listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchang Limited. Commencement of Business: 10th May 2001

1.2.1 Board of Directors:

1.2.2 Products and Services:
1. Mudaraba Monthly Income

2. Mudaraba Double money

3. Mudaraba Monthly Deposits

4. Mudaraba Hajj Schemes

5. Millionaire Schemes

6. SJIBL School...

References: 1. Kotler,P; & Armstrong,G., (1999).Principle of Marketing. India: Prentic Hall. (Chap-3, page-47)
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