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Lab Report

Power Transmitting Shaft

A power transmission shafts are carriers of torque they are subject to torsion and shear stress, equivalent to the difference between the input torque and the load. They must therefore be strong enough to bear the stress, whilst avoiding too much additional weight as that would in turn increase their inertia. To allow for variations in the alignment and distance between the driving and driven components, drive shafts frequently incorporate one or more universal joints, jaw couplings, or rag joints, and sometimes a splined joint or prismatic joint. , Applications of the shaft


Front-engine, rear-wheel drive
Front-wheel drive
Motorcycle drive shafts
Marine drive shafts

Hydro-electric projects
surge chamber
ventilation shaft
elevator shaft
pressure shaft
cable shaft
Water supply
access or service shaft
supply riser
uptake or down-take shaft
Waste water shafts
drop shafts
Tunnel projects
accelerators housing

Aim: To manufacture a power transmitting shaft using a lathe machine. A power transmitting shaft is a power driven rotating shaft for power transmission. The Lathe
Turning is one of the most common of metal cutting operations. In turning, a workpiece is rotated about its axis as single-point cutting tools are fed into it, shearing away unwanted material and creating the desired part. Turning can occur on both external and internal surfaces to produce an axially-symmetrical contoured part.

Parts ranging from pocket watch components to large diameter marine propeller shafts can be turned on a lathe. The capacity of a lathe is...
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