Topics: Shaft, Blaxploitation, Richard Roundtree Pages: 4 (1550 words) Published: September 29, 2013
The critically acclaimed, private eye, "blaxploitation" film Shaft, directed by Gordon Parks, can be described as a "fresh", "hip", and described by the New York Times one of the best 1,000 movies made. The movie opens with private eye John Shaft walking around New York city's Time Square, only to visit a shoe shine parlor where he is informed that two armed thugs from Uptown are looking for him. The police Lieutenant Vic Androzzi is also informed about the thugs and comes to question Shaft at the parlor just as he is leaving. Shaft describes the two men as his friends but, Androzzi knows that's not the case but, refrains from further questions. Shaft continues to walk to his office and when he gets there he notices that one of the thugs that were described to him are waiting for him outside his office. Shaft runs around to the back door, subdues the man, and disarms him in the elevator. When they get to the floor where Shaft's office is, he escorts the gunman with a pistol to his office only to find the second gunman in there waiting for him. Shaft busts open the door, gets in a brief fight with two, and it ends with one of them falling out the window. The one who surrenders, tells Shaft that a Harlem gang leader named Bumpy Jonas, was looking for Shaft, and he wanted the two men to bring him into his office, and use necessary force.When Shaft is taken in for questioning by the police, he blames the assailant who surrendered, for throwing the attacker out the window, Lt. Androzzi and his superior know that this story does not add up and, may be false but they can't prove it, so they let Shaft back on the streets until further notice. Shaft contacts Bumpy, and calls for a meeting in his office which is still destroyed from the fight earlier in that movie. When they all arrive Bumpy informs Shaft that his daughter has been kidnapped, and he wants him to find her, and bring her back to him since he cannot go to the police. He tells Shaft that a man named...

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Shaft Movie Analysis
By: Cameron N. Kellier
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