shabreka Anthony Losing a friend

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Argument / Pages: 2 (714 words) / Published: Mar 2nd, 2015
Have you ever lost a friend that you thought would be in your life forever?
When I was in 8th Grade I lost my best friend, Ciara James. Almost every detail is as fresh as it was the day it happened. It was on a Tuesday. The reason I remember, because it was the same day of my sister’s 18th Birthday. Ciara and I use to always come to my house afterschool to either do homework or talk about something that crazy happened that day. We used to always argue about small things but on this day it was “Big.”

After school that day Ciara and I sat down and did our homework. We studied for our English test that we would be having to take in a couple of days and browse on Facebook. Ciara was the type to always start arguments with someone and half of the time don’t admit when she’s wrong. While on Facebook Ciara put up the meanest status about a girl name Jakayla Ross at our school that’s in our 3rd period class. When I saw her status I asked, “Ciara, why did you just say that Jakayla was dumb as a sack of rocks?” Ciara then looked at me and said “Brekaa, I don’t know why you are tripping you know Jakayla can’t read that’s why she always stutter when the teacher call her name to read then lie and say she have a sore throat.” After the back and forth conversation Ciara and I had about the status I asked her to leave, because I didn’t want to take part in what was just happening here. Ciara slam my front door and storm off down the road to her house.

Later, that day I get a text saying “Go look on Facebook Now!” That’s when I saw what the text was talking about I began to cry, because what I saw was that my best friend was talking trash about me on a social network saying bad things that wasn’t even true. I thought to myself that this can’t be true, because Ciara and I were forever getting into an argument. But this one was so low that I can’t believe this was even happening. On that next day everyone was looking at me and was muttering things under their breath. During

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