Sg Cowen Case

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: May 4, 2010
*Case #1 :* *SG Cowen*
The SC Cowen case revolves around the decision to offer potential candidates a job at the firm. The firm has two spots open, but they still have four candidates left. Each candidate has certain pros and cons so a trade-off needs to be made by the recruitment committee so that a decision can be made on who to hire. Reflect upon a time you had a negative recruiting/hiring experience. What were the signs that the experience was not going well? Explain My first negative recruiting experience was when I applied for an internship at a law firm. I had my interview with both a recruiter and an associate of the firm. Right at the start of the interview I felt there was no fit between myself and the people on the other side of the table. I think I answered most of their questions in a way that I was satisfied with, but I felt that they were really trying to trap me into giving a “wrong” answer. I got this feeling because they were asking me questions that had totally no relevance to what I was applying for. Furthermore I got the feeling they were looking down on me as they did not seem to acknowledge some of my achievements (my grades for example). At the end they rejected me because they felt that I did not speak fluent Dutch, even though I have lived in the Netherlands all of my life. I was very disappointed about this, but I did learn how important this cultural fit is. When I look back now I always say to myself that I wouldn’t want to spend 60+ hours a week with people I have no connection with in the first place. What is your evaluation of the criteria used by this organization in making hiring decisions? Jim Kennedy has specified four types of criteria that have to be taken into account when determining whether there is a fit between the candidate and the job profile. These are education and experience, intellectual capabilities, personality characteristics and motivational characteristics. SG Cowen’s...
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