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Topics: Recruitment, Business school, Recruits Pages: 3 (1154 words) Published: October 28, 2008
I.Overall Comments:

The Harvard Business School article gives an overview the vast nature of recruiting by examining the recruitment process of SG Cowen. SG Cowen has a pioneer approach to recruiting therefore they have a quality of associates that is second to none. Their approach to recruiting combines common sense and consistency to recruit the most valuable associates. By changing their tactics from recruiting at only the top 10 schools, to recruiting at other non-core schools has given them a greater variety in the quality of their recruits. This approach is both realistic and sensible. This paper discusses in detail the case and how the simple recruiting procedures of SG Cowen result in higher caliber of individuals that are chosen for the first year associate class, and also the difficult process that comes along with choosing the best of the best. II.Observation:

My first observation of this article was its candor. The quote, “we are who we recruit” really resonated with me because it actually reflects the theme of the case. The fact that SG Cowen only held on-campus recruiting programs at a handful of schools, its “core business schools” seemed to limit the quality of applicants because even though these were the best schools, the students might not have a high GPA or the best qualifications. Chip Rae, the head of recruiting for SG Cowen, has an outlook on recruiting that is best described by the aforementioned quote, because SG Cowen is recruiting not just for the present but for the long term. By implementing team captains in this situation, to every school, Rae created a better sense of familiarity for the student. Rae has an understanding that this process is taxing on both the company and the students. The team captain seems to be a rational idea because it allows the students to develop a closer relationship and trust with the company. Moreover, it allows the company, via the team captain to really get to know the person they...
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