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Finding Graduate School
Provident living is very necessary in order to live a happy and prosperous life. We have to be self-reliant and be able to meet our present needs, as well as save something for the future. This is the objective of the provident living. My provident living at this point is to achieve my career goals. As a Senior student, I have many career goals that I need to fulfill in order to have a provident living. Section 1

My provident goal is to find a school for my graduate studies. I am graduating this semester and I need to look for graduate schools so I can pursue my graduate studies. I am an accounting major student and I need to finish my graduate school so I can sit for my CPA exam. I have already been accepted at some graduate schools but I have decided not to go for any of those schools. I really need to look for schools that has the best fit for me. I have already been getting late for applying to graduate schools. Therefore, my goal is to start becoming pro-active and start researching for graduate schools. I need to look for graduate schools that fits the program I intend to study and is still affordable to me. To be specific, my provident living goal is to find the best graduate school in the best area possible where I can get maximum scholarship. Section 2

Therefore, the main point of me looking for graduate school is to be able to finish the graduate program and become eligible to take the CPA exam. A graduate degree would certainly benefit me in finding a full time job and increase my prospects of getting a better job. Therefore, it would result in providing financial support and also help my family. As a son, I have a responsibility towards my parents to take care of them. I am responsible for each and every needs of my family and I need to do everything to support them. Therefore, a goal to look for graduate schools would eventually lead me to help my family and better our lives. Section 3

The plan of looking for graduate...
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