Sexuality and the Birdcage

Topics: Marriage, Wedding, White wedding Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: January 24, 2007
Brittany Sulentic
White Weddings Paper
November 15, 2006

After watching the movie The Birdcage, starring Robin Williams, there was a direct correlation and contradiction between the book White Weddings,, by Chrys Ingraham and the movie. Although every system of inequality (racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism and ageism), are all present in the movie, as well as the book, the movie agrees and disagrees with many aspects of Chrys Ingraham's belief system about the "ideal" wedding and its components.

Due to all of the mass media tools, such as movies, TV, magazines, books, etc., Americans are obsessed with the concept of a white wedding. Because of this fascination Chrys Ingraham, the author of the book White Weddings, actually investigates to observe the implication of weddings in American pop culture. Additionally, Ingraham examines how the media, such as bridal magazines and media publicity, controls gender, sexuality, race and class. She demonstrates that these white weddings rely on the so-called "normal" belief of heterosexuality.

In the movie The Birdcage, Armand, and his lover Albert live a life that most people would only dream of. They live in a beautiful house and are in a very committed relationship. Together, they have raised a son named Val, who has revealed that although he is twenty, he is going to marry another young woman named Barbara. Barbara is the Senator's daughter, and her mother is an upper-class, under spoken woman. When Barbara reveals that she is going to marry Val, her parents insist on meeting Val's parents. Senator Keelie and his wife have no idea that Val was brought up in a gay home, so immediately Armand and Val make the house look as "straight" as possible. After the Keelie's arrive everything goes wrong and Albert dresses up as a woman and plays Val's mom. However, after everything goes wrong, Val reveals to his future in-laws that Albert is in fact his mom and just takes Albert's wig off. Finally, at...
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