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Human sexuality
18 February 2014
My Sexual Life
I grew up in a very religious country where sex was nothing normal for anyone to talk about. It was considered shameful to talk about it in the streets and was very limited to be taught in schools. Schools were only allowed to teach the “proper” way of intercourse with a mate of the opposite sex after being married and only to reproduce. Practicing intercourse with a mate that you are not married to is a crime and could be punishable by even death. So yes, I didn’t have it easy learning about all the sex that is going around. Anal sex is forbidden by our religion and so is everything else except for sex to reproduce. Even I was told that masturbation was against my religion. I came to learn later on that everyone does it no matter what. My family didn’t teach me much about sex either. They told me that when a man and a woman sleep next to each other, a baby comes out. I’m sure most kids were told the same thing. I started to learn about sex from American movies, street boys, and later on when I came to the United States. The easiest way to learn about sex was from watching American movies. The most I knew when they were doing something inappropriate is when they start kissing, after that I would not know what happened because by then I would have gotten yelled at so many times by the people in the room to not watch them kiss. So I would always have to cover my eyes or leave the room until they are done doing whatever they are doing. However, despite the fact that they would always yell at me and tell me not to watch, it always got me curious. I would always wait until no one is in the room or until everyone is asleep so I can replay that scene and see what happed. I still did not know exactly what happened because they would always be covered in sheets; it was a movie, not porn. Around the age of nine when I started going out with my friends freely, it’s Yemen no one cared, I would always hear the older kids...
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