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Sexuality in Los Angeles
Los Angeles has been known as the city of sin due to its culture of sexual immorality, plastic surgery and porn industry. Los Angeles and its Hollywood district also have been known for other factors that lead to sexual immorality this include film, television, modeling and music. It is also known for air pollution, bank robberies, car chases, clubs, drugs, homeless people, Gangs, notorious slums in the poor areas of L.A. The theme that will be discussed will be sexuality in L.A. it is a city that is also known for having the most divorces and multiple marriages. It also has a huge gay population. Generally people in L.A. are sexually liberal. Most of the people in L.A. don’t originate from L.A. the come from different parts of America and settle there looking for glamour acting jobs or just moving there because they want to. L.A. also has red light districts whereby sexual toys and other things are sold. It also has the Santa Ana wind which sweeps the state from time to time (Adams, 2008). There have been legends of people not being themselves and doing crazy things when the Santa Ana wind blows. The narratives depict an era in Los Angeles during the first half of the century. The general population growth in California outpaced that of the nation as a whole. The state’s climate, natural beauty and romantic reputation attracted many populations. There were also new economic opportunities in the area (Mcclung, 2000). In the early 1920s, major discoveries of oil were made in the Los Angeles basin. Things were good in Los Angeles; it was therefore a time filled with liberty and free individuals who had enough money to do as they want. Hollywood. The films in the 1930s also opened a Golden era from the silent movies to movies that had sound. Hollywood also stated producing steamy films like Red Dust filled with sexual innuendos. It is therefore a period that everyone was more aware of their sexuality than the periods before. It was characterized by wayward and sexual immoralities of every kind. The women were liberated than other periods in history and the blacks were also allowed to swim in the same pools with the whites. These are some of the good things that came from the conscious liberation of the Los Angeles population. There were no prevalent disease like HIV and some STIs in the period so really there were no repercussion to sexual immorality. There also cases of underage pregnancies at this time, society had become liberal and therefore did not shun this individuals like before. But today due to the disease and many underage pregnancies people have to practice their sexuality in a more responsible manner. The population today has also increased more than in that period and therefore Los Angeles is a densely populated area with individuals from all over the US and the world. The legend of Santa Ana winds as depicted by Didion (1934) in the Los Angeles note book. It has been used creatively by storytellers and residents of Los Angeles. She further states that some teachers do not attempt to conduct formal classes during the Santa Anna because children become unmanageable. It also depicts things going haywire as an attorney who was having money problems shot his wife his children and himself during the Santa Ana wind. This show how the wind affects the people in Los Angeles also enumerated, during the winds parties always end in a fight and people end up doing crazy things. A divorcee was also murdered and thrown out of the car during the same winds. The wind is normally characterized by forest fires and fires of any kind. The police officials also report that crime rate and sexual immorality goes higher during the winds. Los Angeles still has a lot of crime and sexual immorality during periods when the wind is not rampant in the area. Sexuality is depicted well in the short narrative by Chandler (1938). A crime occurs in a bar where a...

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