Sexual Socialization

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Gender & Culture
Sexual Socialization3-10-2011

Growing up in a small midwestern town in northern Minnesota I felt secluded from the reality of sex and how it played a role in my life. Appropriate sexual behavior was something that I was being taught by from two different places that are also two agents of socialization. My church and school both had very different views on what was deemed “appropriate sexual behavior” but both clearly explain the purposes of there opinion. My church and religion stated that all sexual acts should be saved until marriage, no questions. On the other hand, my school instilled the idea that sex should wait until marriage but if your going to have sex then use protection. None of these socialization agents really explained what else I can do besides sex or what’s appropriate. I had to fill in the blanks for myself when it came to everything outside of sex. As I started hitting puberty, I became more fascinated with girls. I was never told what I could or could not do to a girl sexually. I honestly just thought you had sex that was it. I was too young to have sex and I somewhat questioned that. Why do you have to be married to do anything sexual? My attitude started to become rebellious. Sex in my family was always hush-hush. There were never any deep in-depth conversation on sex at all. With the family playing such a big role in my socialization, I found it weird that sex was never thought of or explained to me. The only question my dad or mom ever asked about my sexual behavior was if I’m having intercourse or not. I believe my parents thought was I was smart enough to know what was right and what was wrong when it came to appropriate sexual behavior. My parents always had me busy as a kid and I think that played a big part in how I viewed sex. I never had time to really think about sex because I was playing multiple sports. There was always something to do instead of think about anything sexual...
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