Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Topics: Pollination, Flower, Pollen Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: August 25, 2013
N. C Jindal Public School Assignment-Chapter-2 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Biology Class XII 1. What is meant by monosporic development of a female gametophyte? 2. Name the part of flower that contributes to fruit formation in strawberry and Guava respectively 3. With a neat diagram explain the 7-celled, 8-nucleate nature of the female gametophyte. 4. Why is it necessary to emasculate a bisexual flower in a plant breeding programme? How it is done? Mention the condition under which emasculation is not necessary? 5. If you squeeze a seed of orange you might observe many embryos of different sizes. How is it possible? Explain 6. What are chasmogamous flowers? Can cross-pollination occur in cleistogamous flowers? Give reasons for your answer. 7. Mention two strategies evolved to prevent self-pollination in flowers. 8. What is triple fusion? Where and how does it take place? 9. Why is the process of fertilization in a flowering plant referred to as double fertilization? Explain. 10.Name the type of cross-pollination in silk cotton tree and Vallisneria respectively. 11.Write the differences between parthenogenesis and parthenocarpy in plants. 12.What is emasculation? Explain its importance in hybridization. 13.What is apomixis? What is its importance? 14.Draw a diagram of a typical dicot embryo and label any four parts. 1

15. Why pollen grains are well preserved as fossils? 16.Draw a labeled diagram of the L.S. of embryo of grasses. How does it differ from that of bean? 17.Explain with the help of a diagram the development of a mature embryo sac from megaspore mother cell in angiosperm. 18.Draw a labeled diagram of an anther lobe at microspore mother cell stage. Mention the role of different wall layers of anther. 19.Give reason: Cells of tapetum have dense cytoplasm. 20.Pistil of a flower does not accept pollen from any plant other than from its own kind. How does it happen? 21.Name a plant in which chasogamous and cleistogamous both types of flowers...
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