Sexual Preditors

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Victim Advocacy
Ashleigh Wright
American Inter Continental University

The following paper will cover some of the many ways that people could find themselves to be a victim of such a horrible crime and thus some of the many problems that can occur as a result. There will also be a discussion on the types of rape and also the drugs that could be used during or before the rape.

Uniform Crime Reports give us a idea of the amount of crime in one area and what crimes that may have occurred that are reported. Due to the large variations in crime levels may indicate modified records procedures, incomplete reporting, or changes in a jurisdiction’s boundaries. To identify any unusual fluctuations in an agency’s crime counts, the program compares monthly reports to previous submissions of the agency and with those for similar agencies.(FBI) This allows all of this information to be in one central location and easier to find and review. • NCVS

The NCVS collects information on crimes suffered by individuals and households, whether or not those crimes were reported to law enforcement. It estimates the proportion of each crime type reported to law enforcement, and it summarizes the reasons that victims give for reporting or not reporting.(FBI) Date Rape

• Define
Date rape is when someone you know socially (but not family) makes you have sex when you don’t want to. It could be someone you meet at a party, or someone you love and trust, like your boyfriend.(Peterson ) They might use physical and verbal threats, emotional blackmail, or alcohol and drugs to force or trick you into having sex.(Peterson )

• Types
• Acquaintance Rape
Acquaintance assault involves coercive sexual activities that occur against a person's will by means of force, violence, duress, or fear of bodily injury. These sexual activities are imposed upon them by someone they know"(Texas)

• Stranger rape
This type of rape has three different categories in this topic of rape. The Blitz attack is usually a last minute choice to attack and harm someone usually at night in public places.(Texas) The contact sexual assault this is where trust is gained in order to easier lure the person into a sititution in which an assault could occur.(Texas) Third and last is the in home invasion sexual assault in which the person breaks into the home.(Texas)

• Statutory Rape
Statutory rape consists of sexual intercourse with a minor, defined in most states as someone who is under age 18 or 16 (depending on the state) at the time intercourse takes place. The minor's outward consent to intercourse is irrelevant. Statutory rape laws are strict liability laws that make a minor legally incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse. (Berman)

• Marital Rape
"Martial rape occurs when your spouse forces you to take part in certain sex acts without your consent"(Texas)

Types and uses of date rape drugs
• Rohypnol
• Ketamine

Victim offender relationship
"Common links between victims and offenders might exist through familial relationships, peer relationships, work relationships, intimate relationships or casual acquaintances."(Sands) Position on the issue

"Since September 1930, the FBI has administered the program and currently collects information on the following crimes: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Law enforcement agencies report arrest data for 21 additional crime categories."(FBI)

The UCR program puts together all of its data ( law enforcement and individual crime reports)all in the same bank of information as the other 21 categories.(FBI) "Large variations in crime levels may indicate modified records procedures, incomplete reporting, or changes in a...

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