Sexual Orientation Issues

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Bisexuality Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: December 15, 2005
In tape #120: Sexual Orientation Issues it focused on gender identity, sexual orientation, and homophobia. The number of gays and lesbians has increase from 14.2 million to 15.1 million according to Dr. Adams on the video. Personally I believe that there are more gays than that, because a lot of people are still "in the closet" and have not "came out" yet. For years the debate has been going on whether or not individuals are born gay or if some force from society makes them become gay. The largest debate over these people lately has been whether or not gay and lesbian relationships should become legalize in the United States in the same manner that heterosexual relationships are. I consider myself a heterosexual, because I am not attracted to females and I have a boyfriend, but many of my friends are either gay or a lesbian. Both of my female best friends are bisexual. The term bisexual is a confusing one for me. To me it is like they are greedy. How can you have it both ways? One day they might like guys and the other day they might girls. Basically they just want to have their cake and eat it too. I always thought about gays as homosexuals. So when I think about the bisexuals in the world where do they lie? They fit into both categories. I think you should belong to one group. You are either gay or you are not. I was not exposed to homosexuality at an early age. Instead I was raised in the church believing in Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve or Eve and Eve. However, when I was exposed to homosexuality I did not frown upon it or was did I fear it. I was rather curious about how they interacted intimately. When I was a teenager in high school was when I was exposed to "bisexuals". For some reason it seemed that all the girls in high school who were known as sluts because they had sex with a lot of boys seemed to have somehow turned into "bisexuals" before they graduated. I question myself by asking what happened to that girl for that to...
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