Sexual orientation Discrimination Josh Kronberg Case

Topics: Discrimination, Homosexuality, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (491 words) Published: November 13, 2014
Josh Kronberg-Rasner
Sexual Orientation Case

Above many cases involving different types of discriminations and biases in work places there are some that stand out more than the others. Sexual Harassment is one that is seen in many work environments and need correction immediately. One that is not seen at first but is considered a very serious discrimination is the occurrence of a sexual orientation discrimination where is it is centralized mainly in the gender of specific people. Such cases as the one I will describe in the following with a man named Josh Kronberg-Rasner, a ex-employee in a food industry service company. In the early years before 2012 in Casper Wyoming, Josh Kronberg-Rasner worked for his food service company and was very productive while he was there. He had filled numerous positions in his job from General Manager to Executive Chief. So we can see that Josh was very successful at what he did while he was employed. We also have to understand that Josh was different from his other male coworkers. Josh was the only openly gay person in his office. The other important point we have to understand is that the Sexual orientation law was already in practice around the states excluding Wyoming where Josh was working. The Law in Wyoming hasn’t changed and things were about to get a bit rough for Josh. In the coming summer of 2012 Kronberg-Rasner’s food service company got a new manager, whom was uncomfortable working with a gay person. Now only after a couple of weeks that the new manager started working, he acknowledged Josh’s attraction to other men but in a poor way. The manager went through Kronberg-Rasner personal phone and found pictures of a male gymnast. Due to the manager’s uncomfortable behavior he was able to get the company to lay Josh off. Now in response to such sexual discriminative actions against him, Kronberg-Rasner tried to file a discrimination complaint, but remembering that Wyoming hasn’t changed its law yet was one of the...
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