Sexual Orientation

Topics: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Bisexuality Pages: 7 (2466 words) Published: October 26, 2006
Sexual Orientation
Jennifer Battle
University of Phoenix
RES 110-Introduction to Research and Information Utilization Dr. Janet M. Jackson

People will always judge others that are different based on anything. Even though it is still a problem in some areas of the world, race used to be the major object of discrimination. Now the more popular issue is a person's sexual orientation. Though it might not seem like a big deal to many people, there are many people who think otherwise; and they are usually the ones that create an environment that can be sometimes difficult to live in.

In view of the fact that sexual orientation is without doubt an issue, it has been included as a form of discrimination that is also unlawful. In fact, it has been listed in the Fair Employment Act, which was the first federal law in the United States written to encourage equal opportunity. Initially, President Roosevelt signed it in 1941 to ban racial discrimination. However, it is used for discrimination overall; and things that seem to be unequal or unfair fall into that category. Employment Act

Sexual orientation is also a name used to describe an individual's sexual preference or sexual identity. Three major groups can identify preference: heterosexual - people who are sexually attracted to those of the same sex or gender; homosexual – people who are sexually attracted to those opposite gender; and bisexual – people who are sexually attracted to those of the same or opposite gender. There is also a group of individuals know as transsexuals or transgender – people who wish to change the sex (genitals) they were born with. All these groups have one common name known as LBGT, which stands for lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender. Many have their on terminology and views for these groups because their way of life is not normal behavior. In fact, it really is not accepted and not understood. People do not know whether being LBGT is a preference, if it is fixed, if it is biologically predetermined, or if it is a result of society. A little believe engaging in such behavior is just a result of being curious. A few think the behavior is trained or learned (fixed) behavior by parents that may have wanted to give birth to the opposite sex. Some believe it has something to do with genes or heredity. Others believe it can be social construct resulting from things that may have happened in your life like abusive relationship or rape. Since being LBGT is not something that is morally right; people in the LBGT group are stereotype, are often times discriminated against, and have even become targets for violence or hate crime. That is why there are certain parameters to protect them and why a lot of them surround themselves and only with those that are similar.

We are very judgmental society and we need to understand that people should be evaluated based on their individuality – their hearts and their uniqueness. The color of a person's skin, the way a person dresses, the way a person behaves, or the sexual preference they choose should not matter. However, since people do base character on all those things, we tend to act the way we are portrayed. We do not act in that matter because we were brought up that way, but because we are put in a category before it is proven whom we really are inside; thus creating problems in the world.

`Sexual orientation in the business aspect has always been a big issue. The work place has become a more diverse for people that are LBGT. Great deals of companies are now accepting or hiring individuals whose sexual preference is other that heterosexual. Even though employers tolerate it, a person's sexual orientation can have a negative affect on the work environment because of the way other employees interpret things. It can also be a positive thing given that a LBGT person could be very skilled or have more knowledge in their department. This is helpful...
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