Sexual Harassment Issues

Topics: Harassment, Sexual harassment, Abuse Pages: 6 (1633 words) Published: October 8, 1999

THESIS STATEMENT: In today's society 40 percent of the nation's 55 million working women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.


II.Types of sexual harassment
A.Requirements of sexual harassment
1.Concept of unwelcome conduct
2.Sexual nature of conduct
B.Claims of harassment
1.Quid quo pro
2.Hostile environment

III.Types of Recourse
B.Employer intervention
C.Legal action

IV.Prevention of sexual harassment
A.Written document
B.Proper and supervising
C.Rumors and Innuendo


Bernesha Benson SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE OF WOMEN What is sexual harassment? It is the conduct to unwelcome and affect the terms and conditions of employment. There are several different ways an individual can be sexual harassed . ∙Derogatory or vulgar comments about someone's gender, physical anatomy or characteristics. ∙Sexually suggestive or vulgar language.

Threats or physical harm.
Sexually oriented or suggestive pictures, posters, magazines, or other materials. ∙Touching someone in a sexually suggestive way, or in a way calculated to invade her personal space. ∙Touching of another's breasts, genital areas, or derriere. Whether or not conduct is unwelcome is a critical concept. Conduct is not welcome when it is unsolicited, when the victim has done nothing to incite it and when the victim views that conduct as undesirable or offensive. Simply because a woman acquiesces ti sexual demands-or participants in a sexual relationship, even for an extended period of time. Conclusions cannot be automatically drawn about whether or not she welcomed that conduct. Welcomeness is frequently an issue when women have participated in a certain level of joking, teasing, or verbal repartee but feel uncomfortable or offered when the level of such sexually oriented discussion escalates. To be kinds of job-related threats or promises the harasser needs to be in a position of authority over the harassed employee. In this form of sexual harassment the accused is always the immediate supervisor or someone else who has the actual or apparent authority are usually easy to demonstrate. Damages can include monies associated with last promotion opportunities, missed raises, or in the event of actual or constructive discharge, the full value of wages and benefits lost less an amount the charging party might reasonable have earned had pursed another job opportunity. The requirement that sexually harassing conduct, whether physical or verbal be of sexual nature is typically fulfilled by such frequently cited behaviors as propositions, comments on the sexually areas of a woman's body dirty jokes, pictures of nude or sexually suggestive individuals, and sexually oriented cartoons. However, the requirement that conduct be of a sexual nature can also be fulfilled through nonsexual verbal and physical behavior caused by the gender of the individual being harassed. In other words "but for" the sex of the individual, the harassing behavior would not have occurred. A strong consensus on the types of behavior considered by respondents to be sexual harassment emerges from the studies. The Working Women survey found that 42 percent of complaints included teasing, jokes, or other remarks; 26 percent included touching leaning over or concerning; 17 percent included pressure for dates, and only one percent included actual on attempted serious physical contact. The Working Women survey notes 39 percent of complaints were made about immediate supervisors another 26 percent about other people in the workplace and 32 percent about coworker behavior (p.46). The commissions definition

goes to describe the two tyes of conduct considered to be sexual harassment. Quid prso quo and hostile environment. The quid...
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