sexual harassment

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Maha Hany
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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in Egypt’streets

Until when females would keep getting hurt? Sexual harassment is one of the biggest problems facing every country in the world and it became an issue of public opinion, whichlasts for so many years.Sexual harassment in Egypt is a growing problem that started to spread in 2005 when Mubarak made a movement in front of the syndicate of journalists,and then it increased in concerts, football stadiums and any other group’s gatherings. So the question is what’s sexual harassment? So the issue is; whether the reason of sexual harassment is related to female’s outfit or male’s behavior in Egypt. Sexual harassment is an unrespectful action that could be verbal or physical. It could be a word, touch,or look that hurts a female and makes her uncomfortable.Sexual harassment in Egypt has shot up the agenda after a shocking video, which showed a woman being naked and assaulted in Tahrir Square, and has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people. The United Nations announced that the percentage of sexual harassment in Egypt is 99.3 and Egypt has the second highest sexual harassment rate after Afghanistan. Other organizations in Cairo did statistics that 70% of victims are veiled. According to the United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, there are several forms of sexual harassment which are verbal abuse, dirty look to the women’s body, stalking, telephone stalking, touching women’s bodiesor exposure by the men of private parts or hinting to it. In conclusion, we chose to talk about this topic because nowadays sexual harassment has become a catastrophe ;females became insecure and unsafe in their country streets, in public transportation and in any kind of group gatherings. It also has a strong psychological impact on women. It led that the rate of sense of security and safety...
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