Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment cause personal pain and embarrassment. Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances from a stranger. It feeds into more violent behaviors. This project sets out to present the sexual harassment from juveniles and how the judgments punish them. But the laws treat juvenile offenders equal to adult offenders?


Unfortunately, sexual harassment isn’t a crime which only adults can do. Now days, juveniles start doing the crime of sexual harassment. Most of them they are not punished because they are juveniles. The Courts can find a lot of reasons to let the juvenile free such as internet pornography. Sexual harassment can change the life of a victim physiologically and somatically. In this essay, I will present you some of juvenile boys who raped girls and they weren’t punished. The girls lives today with problems.

14 year old boy raped a four year old girl!

The four year old girl had been raped by her 14 year old babysitter. After her mother discovered that she couldn’t stop crying and her father is tormented by feelings that he allowed to this boy to take care her daughter.

The boy used the toddler of the girl to blind her while he attached her. He promised her that if she played his game, he gave to her a chocolate. When her parents came back home they paid the boy, as usually, and he left. Her mother noticed that the toddler of the girl was down on the floor but this was just a sign. It was only when the father got his daughter ready for bed that she told him what happened. Immediately, father ran to the house of the boy and he told to his mother what the boy had done. Firstly, the boy lied to them but when the father of the girl call the police, the boy accepted what he had done.

The Gareth Hawkesworth(the judge) told to the boy he would have received a six and a half year jail term if he had been adult. Consequently, the Court decided to let the boy walk away free because he was corrupted by pornography.

After all this, family turned against the Court because of its wrong decision. Then, the Court decided to impose a three year community order to the boy after blaming the world.

The little girl knows that something terrific happened but she doesn’t understand what. The boy still lives near the girl’s house. The girl’s parents are worrying for the future of their girl.

In my opinion, the Court can’t let this boy to walk away free with cheap excuse of pornography. This boy is only 14 year old and he raped a little girl. Who knows if this boy does that again? He is dangerous for all the little girls in that hood. I think the Court must judge this boy for his crime neither of his age.

13 year old boy raped 5 year old girl!

The five year old girl had been raped by thirteen year old boy at MacDonald’s play area.

The boy did the attack at 29 October when he saw the little girl played alone at the play area. After this the girl went to her grandmother and told her that something bad happened. A woman was there and she saw what happened therefore he called the police.

The police had a photo from the camera of the play area and they call the boy’s...
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