Sexual Harassment

Topics: Sexual harassment, Bullying, Definition Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: April 27, 2007
Sexual Harassment Definitions

What exactly is sexual harassment? Many People can not actually define the term properly. Many misconceptions of harassment have been conceived. The term sexual harassment can be defined as "a speech and or/conduct of a sexually discriminatory can nature, which was neither welcomed nor encouraged." Moreover, three authors have written about the definition of sexual harassment in the text book "current issues and enduring questions." (P. 741-747). Their statements, describe sexual harassment as unwanted and unwelcome behaviors. The writer use different techniques to explain the definitions of sexual harassment. The first author, "Ellen Goodman," describes her essay's different technique to define sexual harassment, however, the evidence of which supports the topic is not sufficient. She is not addressing somebody's case directly and is more concerned about society even though she does not cite specific information. For example in the essay "the reasonable woman standard" "Sexual harassment is a concept as new as date rape" "sexual harassment rules are based on the point of view of the victim, nearly always a women." (Paragraph seven and eight). Goodman describe about sexual harassment as an interest of reasonable strategy. She is not strongly concerned about law, nor does she choose a legal position. She is more interested in the social aspects and effects. The author has not given enough evidence to support topic and does not give much more detail. On the other hand, she strives to explain how sexual harassment is serious case. Ellen Franklin has some points to disagree with the "Reasonable Woman Standard." (Ellen Goodman). For example, in her opinion, "Sexual harassment rules are based on the point of view of he victim …" They are not agreeing with this point. Goodman is not looking at the issue of reasonable approach. Franklin also strives to show sexual harassment behavior as unwanted and unwelcome," Sexual harassment is a...
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