Sexual Behaviors in Teenagers

Topics: Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 4 (1609 words) Published: September 28, 2010
Sexual behavior and activity has become more predominate within the community of young people. There are many reasons or explanations to why this is so, but where does the solution come to perspective. The influence of engaging in sexual behavior is widely spread though media and music. This particular prepared paper will educate adolescents on the theoretical and practical ethics of sexual behaviors. Adolescents and teens need to have more education on sexual behavior and consequences that follows it. The question is should sexual behavior in teens be promoted because there are Consequences that follow such as pregnancy and STD's and Influences on sexual behavior in movies, music, and peer pressure . The proposed questions are, is it ok for adolescents to engage in sexual activities utilizing the proper protection? What are the consequences of participating in unprotected sex? Should sexual activity between young people be encouraged? These are a view questions that will be taken into consideration within the discussion of our paper. The influences on adolescents and teens are very high in profile among our American Society. These influences can come from different amount of things such as: movies, music, peer pressure and alcohol just to name a few. Sexual interest becomes more interesting during teens in there adolescents years and they become to explore many options. When a teen becomes sexually active they tend to want to develop a relationship in multiple forms and have intimate interaction with their partner also looking for companionship and support from their other partner. Teenagers should be taught in their high school during a health class or health seminar about sexual behavior and the importance of being protected How ever teenagers view T.V. show, movies and listen to explicit music which ignites there sexual appetites. More active adolescents are more accepted by their peers because of what they may think they have in common, which is...
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