Sexual Assault On College Campuses

Topics: Human sexual behavior, University, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (1186 words) Published: November 4, 2014

Carmen Judd
Jessica Hill
October 13, 2014
Sexual assault is a prominent issue on college campuses all over the country and it affects everyone that is involved. The government is putting a lot of pressure on college administrations to help prevent the chance that one of their students may be drugged and/or sexually assaulted. People are afraid that colleges and administrators are not doing their best to prevent sexual assault on students nor are they fully providing the support to the victims. As a girl in college, I know that sexual assault is a very high risk; I also want to help the administration with ideas to prevent the chances of that happening to myself and to my fellow classmates. Purpose and Audience

My audience for this proposal will be the administration of Colorado State University and most importantly, the president. One of the things that I noticed while I began school here is the very precise and informational programs that CSU has about sexual assault. In many cases this is a good thing, but after doing some reading I feel unsure as to why the school feels the need to teach such things. Why is sexual assault such a big deal to college campuses now? Is it because there are students who are suddenly bringing it to the surface and really showing what the college administration is all about or is it because the government is only forcing them to do so? To tackle these questions and help come up with a solution to this problem, I used only three sources: “Colleges Are Breaking the Law on Sex Crimes,” by Eliza Gray and “Meet the College Women Who Are Starting a Revolution Against Campus Sexual Assault,” By Vanessa Grigoriadis and “A Lack of Consequences for Sexual Assault,” by Kristen Lombardi. These are all about the fight for punishment on sexual assault on college campuses throughout the country and how to keep the same things from happening. Problem and Evidence

One of the main problems with sexual assault on...

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