Sexual Appeals in Advertising and Their Effects on Consumers

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Human sexuality Pages: 10 (2984 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Outline :

• Introduction

• Sexual appeals in advertisment

• Why sex sells?

• What to be careful of when using sexual appeals in marketing.

• Effectivness of sex appeal.

• Positive roles of sexual appeals in advertising.

• Negative roles of sexual appeals in advertising.

• Conclusion

• Pictures

• References


Sex Appeal is one such method of differentiation that suppliers have found and proven to be successful. By targeting our basic animalistic behaviour, namely the drive for sexual reproduction, firms have found that through a cleverly designed message containing sex appeal, they can attract and hold on to consumers’ attention, thus making it more likely for consumers to choose that particular product over another. On the other hand however,sexual content may not be communicative and might even have a detrimental effect on brand information processing. Using sex appeal in advertising is a time-tested technique that will probably be with us forever.If you are marketing a product or service, you need to be aware of the power of sex appeal in advertising and understand the nuances of using sex to market your wares.

What is sex appeal in advertising?

Appeals utilizing overt sexual information are common in mainstream consumer advertising.Sex appeal is pervasive in advertising and is used with increasing frequency. As advertisersseek out ways to break through clutter and draw attention to their messages, the use of sexually oriented appeals have been used as a communication technique .Previous research for advertising has documented that sexually oriented appeals are widespread, commonplace, and increasing. Typically, sex appeals have varied along two major dimensions; nudity and sexual explicitness. The escalating usage of sexual stimuli in advertising indicates that companies will advertise in a way that most effectively moves the product. And sex does sell; one only has to browse through popular magazines to realize how powerful a tool sex is.

Why Sex Sells:

The most obvious reason sex appeal works in advertising is that it grabs attention.Both males and females are attracted to this type of advertising. It is a powerful instinctive attraction that will take our focus from anything else we may be doing. And advertisers know this. They play off of our curiosity. They know that it will be more likely to be recalled than most other forms of appeals because of the generated interest.

Also, many advertisers have found that overly controversial images, even if they are taken off of the air, will stir up discussions about the ad and the product associated with it. Even if someone does not agree with what is put on an ad, they are still talking about it. By those discussions being had, the name of your product stays in the minds of consumers longer.

What to Be Careful of When Using Sex Appeal in Marketing:

Make sure that people are not so distracted by the sexual appeal of the ad that they do not remember what the ad was for in the first place. It does not do any good to create a sensual or sexual message when all they can remember is the image and not the brand name. So, make sure the sexual/sensual image being used is connected in some way to the product or service being promoted. This will create a link between the two and make the viewer much more likely to remember the product or service being advertised. Many advertisers appeal to males in this way- buy the product, get the girl. Especially beer advertisements- generally, a group of average looking guys will be in a bar and by purchasing or drinking a certain brand, they will attract interest from an attractive girl across the room. What is considered acceptable varies from one location to another. In a large metropolitan area with a diverse, less conservative population, you might be more likely to produce more risqué advertising versus a rural and...

References: :
• Sex in advertising research: A review of content, effects, and functions of sexual information in consumer advertising, 2002, by Tom Reichert
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