Sexual Advertisement and Consumer Behavior

Topics: Brand, Human sexuality, Sexual arousal, Advertising / Pages: 21 (5245 words) / Published: Mar 28th, 2014
Sexual Appeal

Consumer Behavior and Brand Marketing
Professor Young Jee Han
Final Project 2013

Team No.6
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1. Abstract

2. Problem Description

3. Literature Review
3.1 Concept of sexual appeal advertisement
3.2 Principles of sexual appeal advertisement
3.3 Characteristic of sexual appeal advertisement
3.4 Type of sexual appeal advertisement
3.5 Effectiveness of sexual appeal advertisement

4. Conclusion and Hypothesis

5. Reference List

6. Research Design
6.1 Overview of Study
6.2 Hypotheses
6.3 Actual Procedure
6.4 Subject Information

7. Research Result

8. Discussion of Results
8.1 Interpretation of results
8.2 Managerial Implications
8.3 Limitations of your study and areas of future research

9. Detail list with division of tasks
1. Abstract Advertisement is an important factor to attract consumers and also come up with an image of a brand or product. Today, sexual appealing advertisement can easily be found everywhere used in promoting many products and many products succeeded in sale using sexual appealing advertisement. In part 1, we made researches using secondary data, reports, about advertisement and further more about sex appealing advertisement. We talk about the concept, characteristics, types and effects of sex appealing advertisement in part 1. In addition to the results gained from part 1, we made further research to gain more information about consumers’ behavior on sexual appealing advertisement using questionnaires. With the information from our researches, we analyzed the results using methods such as TORA model to predict on the behavior of consumers about sexual appealing advertisement on brand and products. Finally, with the analysis made, we came up with some managerial implication which may be helpful in the process of using sexual appealing advertisement by organizations in future.

2. Problem

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