Topics: Caribbean, Mobile phone, Child pornography Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: November 14, 2013

Imagine living in a situation where you never want to leave home because you are ashamed to step outside feeling of fear and anxiety takes over you because you do not know what to expect. Imagine being victimized, insulted and tortured everyday at school by people who claim to be your schoolmates and friends. You live your life everyday just replaying images in your head it just keeps haunting you. For my Communications Studies Internal Assessment, I have decided to investigate sexting among children and the negative effects that occur. According Tony, Deyal, and Express Columnist, who achieved his masters in journalism at the University of the West Indies, he explains that sexting, when he was growing up "sex" and "ting" were synonymous so when Lord Kitchener sang, "Gimme the ting what the doctor order me or Gimme the ting" he knew what he meant. However, "sexting" in these days a related to cell phones, Facebook and tweets. This is the sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone “Like Samsung, sexting is all over the Galaxy now.” He states , another word added to the dictionary that puts an official label on something you don't want your kids doing. As a society, we are all aware of this crime but less focus is made on the way it affects students negatively the everlasting impact. In my research, I aim to prove that sexting is very prevalent in secondary schools. In doing, so most of the data has been analysed, has been taken from secondary sources such as newspapers articles and internet websites. According to the study entitled ‘School and Media’ which was conducted by David E Bratt, the owner of the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper, who achieved his PHD at the University of Mami, he states, Instead of teaching critical thinking and how to examine through the vast amount of information (some of it good, some of it not so good) in written materials, on television, and on the Internet has become of utmost important. The new technology in...
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